Modern Roadster Shapeshifts into a Classic Winning Weapon.

I am Chi-hyun Kim, who runs Crazy Garage in Korea. This workshop has been open about 12 years now. 
The concept of the shop is mainly that of making bikes that can be enjoyed on the race circuit or winding roads. 
But we also make choppers and simple scramblers… 
I’m enjoy riding on the circuit with ‘custom bikes’. It has another pleasure.
I do not customize only specific genres. However, functional beauty is the top priority.

2003 KAWASAKI Z1000
kawasaki z1000 was made to participate in KNRR (Korea National Road Race) Steel Master cup.
Class with a specified of 155 horsepower or less and only steel frame bikes.
I made the 2003 z1000 in the old z1 style. And I put Performance Parts in the lower body.
Ohlins suspension,Forged wheels,Brembo brake sytem,Sunstar rotor,Bigger radiator,520 race chain,FCC clutch,Dynojet PCV,HM quickshiter ETC…
The concept is ‘A wolf wearing a sheepskin’.
I’ve competed with a lot of the latest Ducati and I became the 2018 season class champion.
It was a very interesting experience. 

Words – Chi-hyun Kim/Crazy Garage South Korea
Photos – Chi-hyun Kim

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