Track & Street 1989 H1 Loaded….

Kawasaki’s first WSBK spec Superbike overshadowed by the popular Slingshot GSXR while Yamaha and Honda followed the Limited production path with their OW01 and RC30 respectively. H1 and H2 are a bit harder to find than the later J and M models in stock form . This is Laurent’s take on this classic superbike, he is going for a TTF1/Endurance look and has a big list of updates. His Bike is setup for street duty as well as club racing and later plans for Bol d’Or Classic 2020 with the Team Rustic.

Chassis & Brakes
Original Kawasaki ZXR 750 H1 1989. Wheels are Marvic Penta magnesium protected by supersticky Pirelli Supercorsa SC2, Swing arm is a H2 Kit one suspended by Ohlins shock and up front RaceTech Valve Kit keeps the stock forks in shape. Up front Spiegler 8 pots billet calipers grab the oversize discs with help from the Goodridge shadow brake lines and a Radial master cylinder PR20. At the back a decent Goodridge brake line is enough.

Engine & Bodywork
Most of the Engine internals for the moment remain stock, Factory Pro Kit for the Carbs paired with a period correct round Yoshimura USA full system complete the breathing department. H2 (race kit) camshafts move the valves that being timed by Factory Pro +4°  ignition. Future mods include head fitted with Abuso valves and Falicon crankshaft, Arias pistons and Mikuni Yoshimura 38mm carbs. The whole package will send horsepower above 130hp. The bodywork although painted in French Stinger stripes is a original endurance kit. Thanks to Laurent for shared with us the Photos and Info and we looking forward for the bike’s Bol D’Or transformation.

Photos – Laurent Sorec
Words – Speedjunkies

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